Consort 2010 statement

Hoy me ha llegado la noticia a través de Open Medicine, el Blog de BioMed Central y a través de twitter (@rincondesisifo, @bibliosalud y @PLoSMedicine): se ha publicado la Declaración CONSORT 2010: directrices para la actualización de ensayos clínicos.

Esta declaración ha sido copublicada hoy (miércoles, 24 de marzo) por 8 revistas científicas (Open Medicine,, Lancet, Obstetrics and Gynecology, PLoS Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, BMC Medicine y Trials) y pretende, al igual que el original publicado en 1996, mejorar la presentación de informes de ensayos controlados aleatorizados. Para fomentar su difusión se encuentra en acceso abierto (open access).

Randomized controlled trials, when they are appropriately designed, conducted and reported, represent the gold standard in evaluating health care interventions. However, randomized trials can yield biased results if they lack methodological rigour. To assess a trial accurately, readers of a published report need complete, clear and transparent information on its methodology and findings. Unfortunately, attempted assessments frequently fail because authors of many trial reports neglect to provide lucid and complete descriptions of that critical information.

That lack of adequate reporting fuelled the development of the original CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) statement in 1996 and its revision 5 years later. While those statements improved the reporting quality for some randomized controlled trials, many trial reports still remain inadequate. Furthermore, new methodological evidence and additional experience has accumulated since the last revision in 2001. Consequently, we organized a CONSORT Group meeting to update the 2001 statement. We introduce here the result of that process, CONSORT 2010.

En este informe se recoge un listado de 25 ítems que pretenden guiar a los revisores:

CONSORT 2010 Statement: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials
Kenneth F Schulz, Douglas G Altman, David Moher, Consort Group
Trials 2010, 11:32 (24 March 2010)
[Abstract] [Provisional PDF]

Consort 2010 statement
Consort 2010 statement
Consort 2010 statement



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