The Sunday Post (28th june – 4th july)

Welcome back to my blog!

I guess this kind of post is getting popular among my bloggers friends. This is the first week in english for 2 of them: @goroji with his blog  “SobreviviRRHHé” and @gerineldo with his blog “Mi cutre blog“.  Congrats to both of you!

Let’s start:

  • Actualizando conocimientos: cómo citar blogs, twitter, e-mail (How to cite twitter, blogs or e-mail): twitter, blogs and web pages are getting popular as one of the tool to communicate and sharing information, researchers need to know how to cite this sources in their papers. In this post you will find some links to useful information about this issue.
  • Sonidos (Sounds): a really short post with a video in which you can see the reaction of a deaf baby’s CI activation at age of 8 months.
  • Clinical Queries: rediseño de la página (Clinical Queries Page Redesign): the PubMed Clinical Queries page was redesigned to filter one search by three clinical research areas. The Clinical Queries page has been reconfigured with columns to preview the first five citations of the results for the three research areas.
  • JANE (Journal Author/Name Estimator): in this post I want to introduce you JANE, a tool to find the best journal to submit your paper to get published. Try it, it’s very interesting.
  • Librarian trainer: I like to post something silly on saturdays, just for fun. This is a game to play the role of a “librarian” who has to store the books on the shelf. Tell me what is your score!

[I’m trying to improve my english, so forgive my mistakes and feel free to correct them in a comment to this post]

3 pensamientos en “The Sunday Post (28th june – 4th july)

  1. Thanks for the coment. I always try to have fun writing the blog, I hope you do the same… Yesterday was very funny and very interesting to do an english versión about SobreviviRRHHé! but the reaction of the people (our blogger friends) was incredible… so I thínk I will continue writing my “Follow me on Saturday”

    Thanks so much for the idea. The last but not least, congratulation for yours, blog and english level both.

  2. Hi Maria!

    I think I didn’t say you my opinion about this entrees… but I’m in loved with them :) It’s a good way to improve your English (which, in fact, it’s really good), but also the English of your followers so… thank you!

    I’ll try to leave you some comments on English to improve myself ;)

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