The Sunday Post (5th – 11th july)

lego-futbolToday is the Day: the FIFA 2010 World Cup final between Spain and The Netherlands. I know who is going to win today: Spain, of course. Despite I’m not a big fan of football (or soccer), this is a special occasion to share with friends, so I hope you enjoy the evening and sing “A por ellos, oe!”

Updated (12th july): I told you!! Spain won the WorldCup :)

But first, don’t forget to read the English brief of the week, I bet you will find some interesting things:

  • De la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo: Last week the spanish law about sexual and reproductive health and abortion was published. There are a lot of discussion in this issue, but I don’t want to say anything, just give you the text with the law, so you can read it and make your own decisions.
  • Bacteriemia Zero – video: The project “Bacteriemia Zero” is carried out in collaboration with the WHO and Spain is the demonstration country. It’s a pilot project in the NHS for the prevention of the catheter related infections in the Intensive Care Units (ICU). This post shows a training video to be sent to the participanting ICU’s.
  • Informe eEspaña 2010 (via USALbiomedica): This is a “reblog” of a post published by USALbiomedica. It was quite interesting and I wanted to try the new feature of wordpress: the “reblogging” button. This post is the result of this experiment.
  • o aprender qué es exactamente el alcohol: This post introduce, a web from the British NHS aimed at young people who like to get wasted. This site intend to teach youth what alcohol really is, with videos, question & answers, help & advice, fact & fictions about alcohol, a “take a test” link to know your risk with alcohol (for you interest I’m a low risk drinker according to this test)
  • The Librarians – the TV Show: This is the saturday funny post. Today we can learn about a tv show called “The Librarians”. Don’t miss this introduction!

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