The Sunday Post #5 (19th – 25th July)

I know, you were waiting for this post all sunday long. Sorry, I couldn’t publish it yesterday.

This was an awesome week, let me talk about it:

  • Reflexiones sobre el 100.000 y otros números de interés: Last monday the blog reached the 100.000 hits. I’m very happy because this blog is my hobby (well, one of them) and I think it’s quite useful for users. So, thank you for visiting the blog.
  • Información para pacientes: This post talks about the health information on the web and where the patients look for it. We introduce 4 websites (2 americans and 2 spanish) where patients and people looking for health information can find trusted answers to their questions. Check them out: «MedLine Plus«, «UpToDate for patients«, «Salupedia» and «Guia Práctica de la Salud«.
  • Nuevas URL para algunos sitios de PubMed: Short post to let you know that some URLs for some PubMed web pages have been streamlined. The old URLs will be redirected to the new URLs so existing links should work. They recommend that you update your documentation and Web pages with the new URLs to avoid problems in the future.
  • MedTerms Dictionary: Introducing MedTerms Dictionary, the medical reference for You can find medical definitions (in english) through an alphabetical listing or using the search box provided. Try it, it’s really useful!
  • Metaweb: This is the video explaining «metaweb», (bought by Google). This is the web 3.0 or semantic web. The most interesting thing about this post is not the post or the video but the comments. They’re in spanish, but remember that you can always write a comment in english as well, so let me know your opinion about the «new web».
  • Smell of Books: oh, the saturday post. I know you love it!. This time we introduce this aerosol to use with e-books readers to simulate the smell of new books. They have more scents (like bacon) just in case you want to try new experiences.

Enjoy this week!!

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