The Sunday Post #6 (26th July – 1st August)

Vista del puente de Enrique Estevan sobre el río Tormes

Welcome to the 6th Sunday Post. I’m on vacation so I guess I’m not going to post anything next week. By the way, the picture above is from Salamanca, where I’m going to stay next week. This is a view from the river (called Tormes) and the «Enrique Estevan» bridge, design by G. Eiffel. If you don’t know Salamanca, you should come to visit. You’re going to love the city and the gastronomy. Indeed, if you like to eat, don’t miss the typical «patatas meneás» or «huevos fritos con farinato» or «chanfaina».

Maybe I should start a blog about tourism!!

Ok, let’s see what we could read last week. Not many things though:

  • Testamento vital o documento de voluntades anticipadas: Spanish law allow people to decide how they want to be treated in a terminal disease if they are disabled. There is a record of this wishes so family and doctors can act appropriately.
  • UkSoundMap – mapa de los sonidos de Reino Unido: From a post talking about the UK Sound Map («The UK SoundMap is a new community-led survey in sound of the acoustic landscape (‘soundscape’) of Britain») I wonder why can’t we use this ideas in the Medicine field. Recording sounds like wheezings or heart murmur can improve the electronic medical records.
  • Un libro que cobra vida: Amazing video from NZ Book Council… it’s an awesome piece of art that really worth to watch.

And remember… I’m on vacation so don’t expect many posts next week (I guess I’m not going to be able to write anything)


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