The Sunday Post #7 (on Monday) (2th-15th August)

vacaciones by Cristinfunchi

Summer is a rough time for bloggers. Such a good weather to be outside it’s a bad thing to write posts. Ok, today is monday and I’m making this post possible because I feel I need to improve my english since I’m about going to Washington for 1 week on september.

This is the summary of 2 weeks:

  • Si te gusta el blog, ¿votas por él? This is an “off topic” post. It’s about a contest where people can vote for the best blog in each category.
  • UpToDate versión 18.2 ya disponible: New version of UpToDate (18.2)  is available for subscribers. The next one, 18.3,  will be online on november.
  • NEJM cambia de imagen: The New England Journal of Medicine has changed his design to be closer to the users, with 2.0 features as comments in the articles allowing users to be more interactive.
  • Who named it?: This is the introduction of the biographical dictionary of medical eponyms called “Who named it”. Really interesenting.
  • Premios MEDES 2010: Lilly Foundation announces the MEDES 2010 awards.
  • Enfermería Basada en la Evidencia: I’ve found a new blog on the internet. It’s about Evidence Based Nursing and it started in july. I think this blog will be very useful for nurses.
  • 9 nuevos estándares de calidad asistencial: NICE announced nine new quality standards, which are markers of excellent care. Don’t miss this information, is written in english so you won’t have problems to understand it.
  • Innovando con lo de siempre: Andy McKee plays the guittar in a different way. I like this idea to show that we can innovate in the library just changing the way we use our resources.

Thanks to Cristinfunchi for the picture.

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