The Sunday Post #8 (16th – 29th August)

Hello there!

Once again I’m here, trying to improve my English with the Sunday Post. Two weeks without writing anything in English, I hope I have not too many mistakes. If so, please feel free to tell me, I want to learn!

Let’s start with the blog:

  • Introducing «Mariaterol»: this is a fun post about a hypothetical TV commercial. You can make your own TV spot just selecting one name for «your medication» and then the scenes to perform the ad. Try to make one and share it with us!
  • Prototipo de un MedLine semántico: «Semantic MedLine prototype» is the name of a web application that summarizes MedLine citations returned by a PubMed search. It’s just a prototype by now. You can try it to understand how it works.
  • Drogas: gráficos e infografía: I found a blog post and I wanted to share it with you: «Drugs: charts and infographics» It’s a compilation of charts about different kinds of drugs. Very interesting, highly recommended.
  • De vacaciones a la Biblioteca: «going on vacation to The Library». The Library is a hotel in Thailand. The main building of this spectacular hotel is a library. This library has a predominant colour: white, while the pool is red (an optical effect due to the color red inside the pool).
  • Bibliovirtual en Facebook: few days ago we started a new page on Facebook. We want to share the information with people not only in blogs or Twitter but in other places like Facebook. 137 people and counting!
  • ¿Conflicto de interés? Fíltralo: «Conflict of interest? Make a filter!» There is a blog where information professionals share the search strategies to make custom filters for PubMed. In this post I want to introduce the one about «conflicts of interest». You may find this blog very useful.
  • Añadir filtros personalizados en PubMed: once you know where to find some filters you will want to add them to PubMed. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. I made a mini-tutorial with screenshots, about how to set the custom filters to PubMed. You will only need to have a MyNCBI account.
  • PhoneBook: everybody is wondering about the future of the book: print or electronic. There is a solution integrating iPhone and print books. Watch the video!

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