The Sunday Post #10

The Sunday Post has been missing for a long time. I guess I spent last sundays away from my computer or, as the last one, I posted something in Spanish instead «The Sunday Post». I apologize.

This time I’m not going to do a list with all the posts I’ve posted, though.

September  was the busiest month in the history of this blog:

estadísticasThe blog reached 9313 hits. You can see in the chart how the visits have increased over the months. The first month, in June 2008, it had only 647 hits. If we want to compare the «september» we have:

  • September 2008: 1248 hits.
  • September 2009: 4534 hits.
  • September 2010: 9319 hits.

The busiest day was on Thursday, September 16 with the post «You eat what you touch» with 483 viewers. This post talked about a four print advertisement for a Unilever’s product, and they wanted to remain the public how important is to wash your hands before cooking or eating. I guess you know we have a fan page in Facebook ( and sometimes I ask some questions about this blog. I usually use twitter to ask questions about the blog or the posts too. Ok, this is because that day I asked which of the poster did you like the most and the answered was the «bread-doggy»:

Personally, I love the hamster-muffing

The top posts of all the time are «Visible Body: atlas 3D de anatomía humana» and «EVES – Cursos de formación continua«. So I guess most of my users (visitors) are students or people interested in further education. By the way, Thanks for coming!

And one last question: Who are my referrers? According to statistics from WordPress, Twitter has been who has generated more traffic to my blog (you can follow me on twitter! you only need to set an account.)

I can only say: thank you for being there and come to visit again! Feel free to drop a comment, I really love them!

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