The Sunday Post #12

librarianWelcome back to the Sunday Post, the only one I try to write in English. As you know, this is my particular way to improve my English.

Since my last “Sunday Post” I’ve got a new record in this blog: The 15th of November we reached 546 visits with 2 posts: “MindMap de Bibliovirtual” (a mindmap showing the presence of Bibliovirtual in the web 2.0) and “Las Referencias Bibliográficas en la Nutrición” (with the link to this e-book with examples to make bibliographical references in Vancouver style).

There were more interesting post, like the ones talking about changes in PubMed (project ID in PubMed, changes in the Limits -new subsets and types of publications- and changes in the NLM catalog). But the post I like the most is the one about my friend Miguel Ángel Mañez. We (some healthcare related bloggers*) wanted to show him and everybody how important he is for the change in the health field in Spain. More than 10 blogs published the same post and I was there.

And, finally, if you were wondering how I look like, you can see me at the picture of this post. The book is Watchmen and I was pointing to a shelf.

Enjoy the sunday and leave me a comment if I need to correct something (with my English, of course).

* -> Thanks to Aitor (see comments)


3 comentarios sobre “The Sunday Post #12

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  1. Hi Maria,

    Great to see your english getting better and better. I’m not sure but I think that it would be better to say “We (some healthcare related bloggers)” or “We (some bloggers related to healthcare)”.

    Bye for now!

  2. I know your english is quit good, spelling is hard for most of us even in spanish but out of the question is the matter of loosing our spanish accent when we talk, the great value!!


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