Investing in the Future

Investing in the Future, info vía bibliovirtual

NIGMS (National Institute of General Medical Sciences) perteneciente al NIH americano, ha publicado el plan estratégico para los programas de formación en investigación biomédica. Este programa se basa en cuatro puntos clave:

  • Research training is a responsibility shared by NIH, academic institutions, faculty and trainees.
  • Research training focuses on student development, not simply the selection of talented students.
  • Breadth and flexibility enable research training to keep pace with the opportunities and demands of contemporary science and provide the foundation for a variety of career paths.
  • Diversity is an indispensable component of research training excellence, and it must be advanced across the entire research enterprise.
Me parece una iniciativa muy interesante y la verdad es que desconozco si en España contamos con algo similar. Os dejo unas frases extraídas del pdf (lo podéis descargar pinchando en la imagen superior o en el triple link al final del post):

In the current knowledge-based economy, assuring the existence of a well-trained scientific workforce is more vital than ever to the future of our nation’s health and global competitiveness. But how do we achieve this goal? How can we know if we are taking the appropriate actions toward growing a capable biomedical and behavioral research workforce?

More fundamentally, do we know success when we see it?

  • For society, success is having a strong and diverse cadre of creative thinkers and innovative problem solvers.
  • For a research institution, success is advancing knowledge through teaching and the conduct of research.
  • For an individual, success is acquiring the skills and knowledge to obtain and enjoy a successful and rewarding scientific career.



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