MedBravo: Cancer Clinical Trials


MedBravo nace para dar solución a una necesidad que tienen los profesionales de la oncología y que repercute en los pacientes: encontrar el centro ideal donde un paciente con cáncer pueda participar en un estudio clínico adecuado a su patología y a su vez que pacientes y profesionales de cualquier centro puedan acceder a los estudios en marcha en cualquier rincón del mundo (cita).

Our mission is to facilitate a Research Profile for each center and to help answer these 3 questions:
1. What studies are or have been conducted for a particular condition in a specific area?
2. Where is a particular study open for recruitment?
3. How or Who may I contact?

Medbravo offers a research profile for each center worldwide so that its contribution to the oncology field can be recognized, acknowledged and more importantly made visible to patients and doctors searching for clinical trials. The dedicated site of each center can be searched by condition, treatment or interventions and many other criteria to narrow the search. At the same time centers are displayed by relevancy depending on its research activity for each search criteria and its location. Each study shows its design graphically as well as its recruiting centers on a map. Soon, when available, it will include the results of the study and it will offer a dedicated discussion forum for patients so that experiences of participants can be shared and help others to make more informed decisions.

La fundadora de MedBravo es Aurelia Bustos Moreno, oncóloga en el hospital San Juan de Alicante e Ingeniera Técnica en Informática de Sistemas.

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