Education Consult Service: Web-based Best Practices Exchange

Education Consult Service: Web-based Best Practice Exchange es un blog creado por la dra. Christine Taylor, que trabaja en la Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM).

Cada entrada del blog plantea preguntas sobre situaciones o temas en particular de la educación médica, invitando a los lectores a que dejen sus propios comentarios e impresiones. Cada uno o dos meses hace una evaluación de los comentarios recibidos, analizando las respuestas:

February-March Summary (Technology and Teaching)

The topic of Technology and Teaching did bring out some strong feelings and some really great ideas. The article that sparked this discussion suggested that “skills in critical thinking and analysis” had declined as a result of the use of technology in learning environments. Now that is a pretty bold statement and a very general one. Are all forms of technology to blame? That hardly seems likely as technology is a multifaceted tool that has many applications. So what could it be about technology that could result in these findings? Our readers commented and their comments fell into 3-4 categories.

  • Five of the 17 responders believed that their residents and students had “lost skill”. Three of the responder thought this might be attributed to “speed” of connectivity and searches. According to our readers’ thinking, students and residents quickly search using key words and don’t think things through or critically analyze. They have an answer before they have really thought out the question. I tend to agree with this point of view. Google anything and you will receive multiple answers. Analyzing the quality of those answers is another story. This however does not mean that technology is a villain. The tool is not to blame. Could we as teachers expect more from our learners? Should we teach them how to use the technology tools that science has given the? Yes, of course.
  • Another group seemed generally “miss-trustful” of too much technology.
  • The third group of responders really explored technology as a tool. As Neil so aptly stated, “technology gets bad press when it might just be the teaching method that is at fault” Often, technology is just a “delivery method”. Of course it can be more and we have to monitor how we use technology as a part of our repertoire of methods and tools. If critical thinking is what we want, then we need to consider how best to stimulate our learners to analyze.

MedEdPORTAL: recursos para médicos y odontólogos

mep_logoMedEdPortal es un servicio gratuito de publicación revisado por pares, además de servir como repositorio de materiales didácticos sobre medicina y salud bucal y herramientas de evaluación y desarrollo.

Se trata de un portal en inglés desarrollado por la AAMC (Association of American Medical College) en colaboración con la ADEA (American Dental Education Association). Se diseñó para promover la colaboración educativa facilitando el intercambio abierto de recursos de enseñanza revisados, tales como tutoriales, pacientes virtuales, casos simulados, guías de laboratorio, vídeos, podcast, etc.

Aunque MedEdPORTAL está enfocado primordialmente a educadores y estudiantes en ciencias de la salud, está abierto y disponible de forma gratuita para el público en general.

Para poder acceder a los recursos es necesario registrarse como usuario. Este registro es gratuito.