Web 2.0 in the Library: new tools for the new library

I want to write this post in English. I guess last week in Lisbon during the 12th EAHIL Conference was the best place to improve my english. I met people from Europe (UK, Portugal, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Germany…) and the rest of the world (USA, Canada, Australia…) I know that I have lots of things to learn, not only a language, but skills related to librarianship and health science libraries. I have to learn new ways of thinking and working, and the best way to do it is talking to people who know more than me, and they were gathered in the 12th EAHIL Conference.

I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome in Lisbon and I really hope never to lose the friendship that was born during the Congress.

I hope I haven’t made too many mistakes in English.

Ok, and finally, this is the poster I presented last week:

BTW, people in the Conference asked me to post in English. I’m going to try to post something in english once a week, maybe an abstract with the spanish posts. Let’s see if I can do it :)

(Thanks to @luisnomad, he pointed me to 2 mistakes I’ve already corrected).